Ivancica Grgic

Project Coordinator

Just as the Newfangled content team serves as the support system behind your most interesting and viewed content on the internet, I act as the internal support system behind our content marketing strategists, transforming their parameters into concrete assignments. I am the link that binds content marketing strategists, content writers, and clients in our digital world using digital tools.

The administrative part of project management is a skill I developed in jobs that are not on the typical “project coordinator” career path. From running my own business where I baked cakes and cookies to jobs in the event industry, I wound up in the position of project manager for the last couple of years because of my natural skills.

However, my passion for new knowledge and technology prevailed. As a result, I cross the Atlantic (remotely!) with joy every day to be a key piece of the project management puzzle on the amazing Newfangled team.

My small hometown in continental Croatia is the place I call home, but I spend most of my summers on the shores of the Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea. I love spending time with my two sweet kids and my husband in various activities, and in those rare moments of peace, I read a book, cook a new dish, or bake a cake.