Chris Barton

Senior Marketing Writer

From the beginning, my career has been built around telling a story. Convinced by a creative writing professor who told me simply, “What you need to do is write,” I first edited a nonprofit journal that advocated for children’s health and, after a brief yet terrifying stint as a stand-up comic in San Francisco that gave way to creating content for a long-dead start-up, progressed to a long tenure as a digital-focused journalist.  All of these roles taught me the value of understanding an audience and harnessing the power of research, reporting, and expertise to construct a clear, concise narrative that resonates.

Because in a competitive digital landscape, readers and consumers alike are short on time, and whether making a decision on where to spend money or debating if it’s worthwhile to binge-watch a show called “Fleabag,” we want to understand why a product is right for us while also ensuring we understand the full picture before investing our hard-earned time or dollars. I help ensure that the story of who you are and what you do finds the right audience and, once it does, that story underscores the value of what you offer and what makes it essential.

Prior to coming to Newfangled, I spent nearly 20 years covering TV, music, and pop culture at the L.A. Times, interviewing and reviewing a far-reaching roster of artists while watching way too many awards shows and expressing the occasional strong opinion about, for example, the inexplicable endurance of Toto’s “Africa.” When not working, I can be found in Portland, Ore., obsessing over the words in my own fiction as well as perfecting a sourdough loaf, having more thoughts about jazz than the average person probably cares to hear, and enjoying the Northwest’s big, beautiful trees with my wife, our shy but sweet dog, and two cats, who graciously let us live in their home. (And yes, you really should watch ‘Fleabag.’)

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