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The insights of a low-fi person person going tech.

Heres a bit of my background for context:

My gut instinct has always been against computers. As a kid I enjoyed Asteroids, Galaga and trading Atari game cartridges in my neighborhood (yes this dates me), but when some of my friends got into Commodore 64s I couldnt have been less interested. In high school I was in the sole computer class for a while, but I found absolutely no purpose or thrill in instructing a dot to move across a screen and repeat on command, so I transferred back to Trig where I could cut up again with my friends.

I was a Luddite. As a musician I scoffed at electronics (I still do, mostly) and Ive never liked digitized music (a post yet to come).

But Ive accepted much. A few years ago I finally decided to step into the present, at least with one foot, and now Im beginning a career in web development at Newfangled Web Factory–a great setting with really nice, smart people who take a very human and educational approach to web development.

In this blog I hope to record ah ha breakthrough moments and post shortcuts as I learn them to benefit anyone. Nothing will be too obvious for inclusion. And Ill post some about music and culture too.

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