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SteriPEN: On the Web AND in a Store Near You

To celebrate the successful Go Live of the new, Steve G, George, and I walked next door to check out the SteriPEN product first-hand!

Jillian, George, & Steve G with the SteriPEN

Jillian, George, Steve G (left to right) with the SteriPEN
at Townsend Bertram & Company in Carrboro, NC

Many of our
clients sell intangible services or B2B deliverables, and few are located anywhere near our North Carolina office…  But the SteriPEN is sold right in our backyard (literally)!  As Steve G said, “it’s refreshing (water pun intended) to think about an actual physical consumer item.”SteriPEN in store

Plus, SteriPEN is such a cool product (another water pun, sorry).  It uses ultraviolet technology to make any water safe to drink – whether you’re hiking, traveling abroad, or battling a natural disaster. This product has a lot of potential, and it’s getting a lot of buzz – check out these recent news articles.

So, not only are we excited about a brand new website and a promising new relationship, but we’re also excited about the product itself!

Special thanks to Steve G, George, Justin, and Mike at Newfangled;
Mike, Tom, and the SteriPEN team; and Townsend Bertram & Company
for letting us play with the SteriPEN in person! homepage comparison

The homepage: old site (left) and new design by Newfangled (right)

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