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Put Me in, Coach: The Newfangled Marketing Method

I still remember the first time I heard of content strategy. Having no idea what it was, naturally, I turned to Google. I got hundreds of results on blogging, SEO, marketing automation, email marketing, CTAs. My first thought was, “I never learned about this in business school.” Sure, there are a ton of blogs you can read and videos you can watch to figure this stuff out, but you’ll find a blog post or statistic supporting just about anything and all contradicting one another. There were no clear guidelines and nothing specific to what I was attempting to market.

I did my best to start implementing best practices on my first company’s website, many times missing the mark and encountering new challenges every step of the way. I understood the overall goal of getting more people to the site, but I honestly had no idea where to start. This whole process was similar to having a bad coach. Almost everyone has had one of those coaches growing up who tells you things like, “Just watch how Johnny hits the ball, and do it more like that…” or give you a broad goal, such as, “Just win the game.” This is similar to the general direction marketers get: “Get more traffic to the site” or “Just look at their site and do something like that”.

My first day at Newfangled, as I heard the other strategists talking clients through all of these complex processes and as I started to learn the Newfangled procedure, I could not help but think, “Wow, this would have been so valuable and helpful when I was going through this process.” Sure, most of this stuff can be self-taught over time, but, like with most things, it’s a lot faster and more efficient for someone to guide you through it.

At Newfangled, we strategists help clients through the entire process, rather than recommending some software, taking your money and peacing out. We take the time to explain this process inside and out and help you customize these tools to work for you. We get to know your business, explain best practices and recommend attainable goals to help you achieve your overall objectives. The engagements are not just us lecturing you about software but instead walking you through how to use the software to boost your bottom line.  Some sessions are more structured, but we welcome questions anytime and can help tailor an example to how it might specifically work for you. Additionally, we continue to meet with you once a month after the training is complete to make sure you are on track to meet your goals.

Like a good coach who guides you in the right direction, we do not do the work for you; your results are dependent on your effort and engagement. Like learning a sport or anything that’s new to you, expertise is not immediate. It is not always easy to learn; it takes time and is an ongoing process. To me, a great coach has always been someone who inspires and empowers me to reach my potential. As a strategist at Newfangled, I aspire to be a great marketing coach, to help clients through the complexities and ultimately win the game.

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