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Are you getting the most from your blog posts?


Mark Shipley, who has seriously gotten drunk on some Newfangled Kool-Aid as of late (check out this masterful post), asked if we could send him a checklist that he could run through to make sure his blog posts are getting the visibility they should. In taking his advice, Ive decided to write a piece about this instead of just emailing him the skinny.Thanks to Chris Butler for help on some of these details.

The post should:

Be content-rich and support your companys mission Be between 300 and 500 words (most of the time)Have a carefully considered meta space title, page title and URL which should all revolved around the central thesis statement of the post.

The points above are as much SEO pointers as blog pointers. I am by no means a blogging authority, but these tips certainly wont hurt.


Once the post is written you should:

Post it to Digg, as long as it represents new and unique thought. Be forewarned, the categories they make you choose from are quite limiting.StumbleUpon it.Twitter it.Finally, link back to it as you are posting comments to others posts and answering LinkedIn questions.

Update 10/21/8: If you have your social media tools integrated, youll get some double benefit from a few of the actions above. For example, you can sync Twitter with FaceBook and Plaxo, so theyd get auto updated with your posts. And, as Mark Shipley describes below, Digg auto populates Plaxo as well.

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