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The New My.Newfangled.Com

Two weeks ago, after much planning but with little fanfare, we rolled out the new My.Newfangled.Com!

We previewed the new My.Newfangled.Com and explored how it fits into our overall website management strategy in our Coping with Complexity newsletter – but here’s a real behind-the-scenes tour, now that the upgrade is live.

My.Newfangled.Com Dashboard

My.Newfangled.Com is a special portal
that consolidates our clients’ information in one place, under one
login. The “new and improved” site offers immediate access to
the prototype, design profile and layouts, staging site, live site, and Google
through tabs at the top of the page.

My.Newfangled.Com Tabbed Interface

The right sidebar features the entire
project team and the Project Managers’ contact information, above a
list of educational resources.  These cover important topics like analytics and SEO.

My.Newfangled.Com Resources Sidebar

The central display includes a project schedule chart that outlines
exactly where the project stands in terms of the overall process.
Different deadlines, phases, and progress are shown both visually and
through a list view at the bottom.  Important messages
from your PM team or system administrator will also appear here.

My.Newfangled.Com Project Progress

One major new feature is the Design
Layouts gallery. The client can easily click through each round of
design layouts.

My.Newfangled.Com Design Layouts

Overall, this overhaul of My.Newfangled.Com makes it easier for our clients to access the information
they need.  A big thank you goes out to everyone involved with the project!

Current clients, please check it out, if you haven’t
already. What do you think?

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