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Professional Writing for the Unprofessional Writer

I was honored to be asked to share my (limited) writing experience with a class of undergraduates at Boston College. The image above is one of the slides from my presentation. The neat thing about this engagement was that it was all done online. I was asked to record a short lecture and deliver an mp3 that could be played for the class. I decided to take it a step further and put together a SlideCast so that I could make some fancy pictures, too.

I titled this “Professional Writing for the Unprofessional Writer” because I don’t consider myself a professional writer- I’m just a guy who does a lot of writing as part of my job. There is a big difference there, one which I think is probably a reality for many people today. We’re all probably doing much more public-facing writing for work than ever before. So, my presentation is basically my perspective as one of those people who need to make their public-facing writing more professional. You can view the deck of slides in high quality in the set I added to my Picasa account, or you can watch the SlideCast below:

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