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A Nice Social Media Story

Yesterday morning, Katy (my wife) and I went to a new store that one of our clients just opened  ( – the site is going live this week). Chris Butler and Carolyn (his wife) happened to walk in right behind us. It was very nice.

Chris, being the diligent guy he is, checked his feeds yesterday morning and found that one of our clients, Jill Whalen of, found a bug on her site and mentioned it in a Twitter tweet, and she has Twitter and Facebook fused. Now, Jill is one networked lady, so she basically told thousands of people that her site had a bug before we even knew about it. Fortunately, Chris was among those thousands. He promptly issued an APB to our developers, and within two hours – early on a Sunday – the bug was fixed, and we let Jill know via a comment on her Facebook page.

Jill was very appreciative (she wasnt even planning on telling us about the bug until this morning), and we were able to take what could have been a disastrous PR situation and turn it into quite a positive one – all thanks to social media.


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