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Partnering with Justin Kerr Design

Last spring, we said goodbye to our longtime Creative Director, Justin Kerr, and wished him all the very best as he struck out on his own for the first time. But, that meant we also said hello to our newest design partner, Justin Kerr Design.

Justin worked for Newfangled for sixteen years and distinguished himself in that time as the best web designer any of us had ever worked with. He understands interaction design and simplicity better than anyone I know, and so it makes perfect sense for us to continue to work with him on engagements where he can offer that expertise to our clients.

To that end, we invited Justin to give us an overview of what his goals are for his new venture, and to talk a little bit about what he can offer our clients. So with that, I’ll turn it over to Justin.

Hi, I’m Justin Kerr

When most people ask me what I do and I tell them I’m a graphic designer, they nod their head in recognition, but the look in their eyes reveals that they really have no idea what a graphic designer does. Of course, that doesn’t apply to marketing agency folks like yourself. You already know that designers are visual problem solvers who help clarify and focus their client’s marketing message.

Most likely what you want to know is what kind of design services I offer and how can I add value to your business. So let’s get to it.

Website Design

Newfangled has relationships with some great agencies and, over the past 16 years, I’ve worked with many of them. For some, I have designed the entire user interface for their clients’ websites; for others, I’ve consulted with their in­-house designers to help them prepare web­ ready deliverables. I’ve also taken meetings with agency principals and their teams to discuss strategy and best practices for the web. Over on my website you can take a look at project samples, read about my process, or check out one of my case studies.

Identity Branding

This is one of my favorite design challenges, and I’ve helped some of my clients with their branding while working on their websites. I’ve developed logos and branding for start­ups as well as businesses looking to update their identity. It’s not easy to convince some clients that it’s worth the time and effort to design a professional­ looking identity which is why I recently posted an article explaining why paying $5 for a logo is a bad investment.

How I Can Add Value to Your Team

I’m an experienced web designer who’s worked directly with clients as well as agencies so there’s no big learning curve, we can get right to the problem solving. Nor do you need to be concerned that I’ll stomp my foot because the client “doesn’t understand my art.” I listen to clients, guide them towards a solution that best serves their needs, and use a solid process which minimizes miscommunication and surprises.

If you’re interested in finding out specifically how I can help your agency with its design needs, contact me and we can set up a time to talk.

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