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Our Experience with Online Advertising

Starting in November 2008, I started placing ads. Aside from a single instance I can recall, Newfangled has never purchased any ad space anywhere, so this was an experiment for us. We place a single ad that was as close to identical as possible on facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and an industry-relevant website, which I will not mention by name. I had guessed that the most effective ads, in order, would be the industry site, LinkedIn, Google, and then facebook. As the graph below tells, I was about as wrong as I could be. The value we’ve received from our facebook ads is shocking. All the others are good enough to keep around, but only because they’re really cheap.

Online Advertising ComparisonOne nice thing about the facebook and LinkedIn ads is that they let you define the demographic to whom the ads are displayed. I don’t know if it is the design of facebook, the eyeballs, superior technology, or what, but they have got a great and very affordable thing going.

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