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On Blogging for Money

Slate has an article on blogging for money thats worth reading, if not simply to dispel any delusions you may have about making hella bones blogging, how easy that might be, etc…

I especially liked this passage, which points out that maybe our more is more advertising model needs to change:

Manns problem was especially acute. His income was partially dependent on advertising, and ads are sold on a cost-per-impression basis. That is, the more traffic you have, the more ads you can sell (and also the more chances that someone will click on one of the Google ads or affiliate links on your site). But a site that teaches you how to streamline your tasks and free your time yet constantly shovels new posts, lists, and information at you is oxymoronic—and also kind of moronic.

Mann could have overlooked this contradiction, but he chose instead to live his advice. Declaring an end to productivity pr0n, Mann has promised fewer, better posts and rolled out a new mission statement: 43 Folders is Merlin Manns website about finding the time and attention to do your best creative work. The further irony here is that Manns less-is-more strategy may prove to be more profitable.

Author Michael Agger mentions several blog networks, including Blogads, our neighbors upstairs. Go BlogAds!

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