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It’s been kinda quiet here at the Newfangled blog, mostly because we’ve been pretty busy. But I promise, we’ve got some great content coming up in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, here’s some of what we’ve been up to:


First, Newfangled is now officially on Twitter! Follow us @Newfangled_Web!


We had our annual Fall Retreat a couple of weeks ago, which as always, was a great time for all of us to reconnect, rest up a bit, and learn a few things. This year, we were joined on Saturday by David Baker, who did a presentation covering a variety of topics, from client services to the future of our industry. It was fantastic to see and hear from him! In addition to this one of Spot on a boat, we’ve got a ton of pictures up at the Newfangled Flickr group, too.


Mark and I spent Saturday as guests of the Roush Fenway racing team at the NASCAR race in Charlotte. It was the first NASCAR experience for both of us, and getting the insider’s view of it all was pretty impressive. I was amazed to see the pit crew change four tires and refuel a car in under 15 seconds. Also, Roush Fenway’s Matt Kenseth won the race!


Finally, my latest article for Smashing Magazine just came out this morning. It’s called How Disregarding Design Limits the Power of Content.

  • Justin

    A jacket?! You’re wearing a jacket to a NASCAR race? At least you could have cut the sleeves off, Chris.

  • https://www.newfangled.com/chris_butler_blog Christopher Butler

    Dude, you just can’t see that I paired it up with some jorts. Classy and contextual.

  • http://www.delicious-simplicity.com Brian

    Great post.


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