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Week 797

It’s been a very busy past few months (and by few, I mean ten…oops) since I last posted a weeknote. We’ve worked on some fantastic projects during that time—some have launch already and others are still in progress—which I won’t list here. You can see the recently launched stuff on our homepage or check out the case studies in our Featured Projects section, which we’ll be adding to in the next few weeks.

But of greater interest may be some behind-the-scenes type stuff:

First and foremost, our team has grown to include two new Project Managers, Lauren Walstrum and Chris Creech, a Traffic and Marketing Coordinator, Lindsey Barlow, and a developer, Lisa Smith. We’re really excited to be working with all of them!

Mark just returned from a trip to Chicago to kick off a new project with two of our clients, Maddock Douglas and Biro Creative, and do some business development on a couple of other possible accounts. And just the other week, Mark and I made a quick two-day trip to Wichita to do some consulting with a great agency out that way. Those are just two in a very long list of trips Mark has made (as far as I can tell from reviewing the calendar, he’s been on at least 22) since April. He gets Newfangled’s M.A.B. (most-airborne-player) award.

Both Mark and I have also been working hard on book projects. Mark has just wrapped up writing and began the editing his forthcoming book, “Make the Website Work: The Small Agency’s Guide to Creating Effective Marketing Websites”, which will be published this spring by RockBench. Meanwhile, I have started writing my forthcoming book, Thinking Before Doing: A Designer’s Guide to Web Strategy, which will be published in late 2011 by HOW Books.

Speaking of HOW, Mark and I have been serving on the advisory board for the upcoming HOW Interactive Conference. The program has been finalized at this point, and more information about the conference will start to become available online, in their magazine, and here on our site. I can tell you now that Mark will be presenting on content strategy and SEO, I will be presenting on measurement, and that the conference will be on November 2-4 in San Francisco. Save the date!

One other writing bit: I just finished my first Interaction column for Print Magazine, which will be published in the June, 2011 issue. I’ll post again when there’s a link I can provide. Hopefully more of those will follow…

Finally, here’s a picture of Katie and I taking advantage of the latest technology on Tuesday. Note my reappropriation of an 80s desk lamp arm.

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