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Why the Newfangled Seminar is Important for Your Agency

Prior to joining Newfangled, I spent the entirety of my career in the agency world. I worked at one digital firm exclusively dedicated to email marketing, and another agency that focused on building holistic brands across a variety of industries. Very different places with very similar challenges. How do you attract the right prospects to your agency at the right time? How do you convince them of your expertise? How do you effectively differentiate yourself in a meaningful way? And how do you keep your agency relevant and savvy in a digital marketing world that seems to change overnight?

As a strategist at Newfangled, I help my clients answer these questions. From advice on content development and dissemination to marketing automation and web development strategies, I work with smart people to solve tough problems. And had an event like this been available to me during my time at an agency, I know I would’ve derived a ton of value from it.

That’s because, this seminar is going to be different. Mark O’Brien, Chris Butler, Chris Creech and I will all lead various presentations tailored to the specific challenges we know your agency faces. Whether you wonder about where the future of the web is headed, about changes in the landscape of design, or about attracting and nurturing prospects through savvy content and marketing automation strategies, we’ll have you covered.

It’s going to be packed with juicy takeaways that you can implement immediately upon your return home. But we’re not going to do all the talking.

The setting is intimate, and with a 30-person limit, we’re keeping this event purposefully small. We want to talk with you; we want you to talk to each other. Throughout the event, we’ll have breakout sessions of small group workshops, during which we’ll discuss your specific challenges and how you can immediately apply what you’re learning at this gathering to your agency’s situation.

And if you’re still on the fence, have you seen this place? The Fearrington Inn is a gem of the area and the height of rustic elegance. You’ll get a taste of phenomenal, local cuisine surrounded by Southern springtime charm.

If this sounds like an event that would benefit you and your agency, check out our seminar page, where you can peruse the agenda, meet the speakers and explore the venue.

I hope you’ll join us. You will immerse yourself in important topics and return to the office not only well-rested and well-fed, but more importantly, energized and eager to share a tangible, actionable plan for your agency.

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