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Newfangled Heads for the Hills!

As we do every year, Newfangled spent the last three days on retreat. We rented several cabins outside of Saluda, NC and had a great time eating, drinking, singing, swimming, hiking, and all around enjoying each others company.

Heres a picture Eric took of himself, Katie and I with his phone from the top of Looking Glass Rock, a 3 mile hike straight up. The picture doesnt quite communicate how beautiful the view was, but trust me, it was worth the grueling journey. Congratulations to everyone who went on that excursion for their stamina and dedication in getting to the top!

Our retreats are always fun, but I have to say that this one was the best yet. Weve got an amazing group of intelligent, kind, talented and fun people and it was truly a pleasure to get to know everyone just a little bit better. Everyone pitched in and worked really hard to make the trip a success, too. Thanks, everyone!!

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