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My Newfangled Story

Hi, I’m Briana and I’m the Newfangled Intern. I’ve been asked to be a guest blogger and I hope to bring you some interesting topics which in turn will lead to some great discussions.

Here’s the story of how I got here:

My first experience with Newfangled started years ago when I was working for a company that employs Newfangled to handle their website. Because I worked in the marketing department, I often connected with Newfangled to request things here and there. I was always impressed with the consistency of the work and the really warm customer service although I didn’t know much about Newfangled and what they really did.

After almost 5 years being at the same company and not thrilled about the job market, I decided to go back to school to expand my horizons. I found a great graphic and web design program at the Center for Digital Imaging Arts (CDIA) at Boston University and enrolled. I originally thought learning graphic and web design would be a great skill set to have as a marketing person but as the program progressed, I fell in love with designing and coding and knew that this is what I wanted to do. That’s when I found Newfangled again. The Newfangled site became my own personal hub for information during school about the SEO, Google Analytics, good web practices, etc. I spent so much time reading and referring to the NF site that I decided to take the chance and offer myself up to Newfangled as an intern.

I, of course, was very nervous about even suggesting such a thing. I was just a student, after
all,and had only student projects under my belt at the time. Regardless, I called Mark O’Brien and took the chance. After taking a DISC profile (I’m a perfectionist, I guess) and having phone interview with Mark & Chris Butler, I was offered the position of “intern”. Hooray!


Three months later I moved from Boston to North Carolina and here I am. The journey so far has been great and I’m learning more than I could have hoped for!

Stay tuned~

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