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The Case For a Marketing-Focused Agency Website

A client-to-be needs help marketing their awesome truffle-infused sea salt, more help than theyre currently getting from their current firm. You happen to be the agency for boutique fine foods. In search of help, the client-to-be goes to Google, of course. He tries a few searches. First, he searches for salt, because we all start general. Since Google encourages us to get more specific, he eventually gets to the good searches, such as how to sell niche gourmet foods, fine food E-Commerce, and super crazy fancy salt marketing. The client-to-be starts to see a trend… as he starts accurately describing his real need to Google, in the form of searches, Google keeps taking him to very specific articles on your website. Google has, in essence, referred you! And the client-to-be has formed a bond of trust with you as a result.

The client-to-be abandons Google to delve deeper into your website, which clearly has the information hes been looking for. He just has a few minutes, so he only reads the first page of a few newsletters but vows to come back – and does. On subsequent visits, he reads more of your content and decides to sign up for your newsletter, which he begins to receive monthly. Each time he receives it, he follows the links in the newsletter back to your site and reads some more; he starts to become educated. He begins asking his current marketing firm about things he has learned from your site. While being slowly convinced of your expertise, he is noticing more and more deficiencies in his current marketing firms knowledge. It is time for his company to set the budget for next year, and the client-to-be finally responds to that call to action on your site that has been staring him in the face for the past six months – Request a Meeting.

Youve been waiting for this. Through your sites tracking system you have been watching everything this person has been doing on your site. You know every single page they have been to, how long they spent on each page, and how long they spent on the site on every visit. You even know that they initially got there through a Google search for how to sell niche gourmet foods. Through the tracking data you have on this person you know exactly what they do know – and what they dont know – about you. Chances are pretty great that you also have a fairly clear idea of what their need is, and possibly even what their pain points are. You, as the expert they have been courting, reach out to them, armed to the hilt with knowledge about them they dont know you have. The business is yours to lose.

This is a fabricated example, but the facts are solid. We experience this exact phenomenon all the time, and it is because of our sharp positioning, our content strategy, and the technology on our website.

In what ways are you using your website as a marketing tool?

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