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In the Words of an Agency Partner

I was emailing recently with an agency partner and she, somewhat out of nowhere, decided to let me know how she felt about working with us and about the strategic choices we’ve made over the years.

A long time ago we set a goal for ourselves to be the best (and best known) small agency web development partner in North America. If I were to craft an aspiational fictitious agency principal testimonial, it would have lookd a whole lot like this. Here’s what she had to say:

“I want you to know that it is such a great feeling for me to finally find a development partner that has the same DNA about a client relationship. I love that the tool you have built really does serve both you in what you are trying to do as a business and for your clients as well. You have a core belief  that  positioning and content strategy are key drivers and that it should come from what I call the inside truth of a client. I always say we are connecting the inside truth to the outside world. We connect strategy to design in a way that has the same core beliefs that you have and you have really demonstrated that in not only the product you have developed but your passion for providing a best in class solution. You  keep clients for the right reason, you earn it. I have seen that over the years and I see it with each decision you have made and every new development that drives ease of use, simple logic, and the amazement of what the latest technology solutions can bring to marketing.”

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