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Prospect Experience Design (PX): My Talk at the 2017 Internet Summit

I had the privilege of speaking at the 2017 Internet Summit this afternoon, right nearby in Raleigh, NC.

My presentation was on a system I’ve been developing for a couple of years now that provides a reliable accountability to marketing objectives as design decisions are being made. In a nutshell, my perspective is that User Experience Design (UX) is the discipline of making it easy for users to do what they want to do, whereas Prospect Experience Design (PX) is the discipline of making it easy for prospects to do what you want them to do. It’s not a replacement of UX — in fact it relies upon many of the same core design principles — but a subset of it. After all, UX assumes a much wider variety of users, expectations, and outcomes, whereas the entire goal of a marketing website (in the B2B context) is to filter out information and choices in order to deliver only the right fit opportunities that a firm is looking for.

The system audits and evaluates assets and design decisions in order to ensure that they have the best shot at achieving core digital marketing objectives. You can download the presentation below:


Prospect Experience Design (Keynote)
Prospect Experience Design (PDF)

If you attended the talk, I hope you found something useful in it, and if you’ve just discovered this article, I hope it provides some helpful direction! I’d love to hear what you think.

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