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Web Upgrades in a Recession

Just saw this great post on 6 Reasons You Should Invest in Internet Marketing During the Recession from Pete Caputa at HubSpot. He says just about everything Id want to say to our clients right now. Take a few moments to read it. Heres a great passage:

Constant Improvement.
If youre doing the same thing you did to advertise and market your business as you did 25 years ago, you have a problem. Your problem is not that youre still wearing bell-bottomed nylon suits. Its that you probably dont know whats working and whats not working. (See #3 above.) Measurability has a really interesting side effect. Since you can now measure things, you can now improve. Im not talking about tweaking colors and copy. Im talking about walking into the CFOs office and showing how you delivered more opportunities to the sales team on a smaller budget.

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