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Small is in the Zeitgeist

I saw a great article this week on the Harvard Business publishing website called Why Small Companies Will Win in This Economy. Here’s a good quote, but check out the full article:

“Small companies with low overhead, reliable owners, a small number of committed employees, personal client relationships, and sustainable business models that drive a reasonable profit are the great opportunity of our time.”

This idea is definitely on the minds of many people lately with our economy being under such incredible pressure. One of those people is David Baker, the founder of Recourses, and one of our clients. His most recent newsletter lists a dozen advantages for smaller firms. Check it out. If you haven’t read any of David’s writing, it’s always astute, timely and sharp. Here’s how he opens his article:

“What better time to point out the advantages of being a smaller firm than right now. All the more so since we have this strange obsession with growth, captured in phrases like ‘if you aren’t growing, you’re dying.’ You can’t fit deep thinking on a bumper sticker, and that looks like a bumper sticker to me.”

Right on.

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