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Google and Privacy

Erics latest WebSmart newsletter on Gmail has begun a nice little conversation about Google and privacy issues, so I thought I would throw together a few links on the subject:

Wikipedias Criticism of Google page
This article covers the various criticisms and controversies that internet search company Google has been involved in.
Read it here

Google-Watch.orgs list of 9 concerns
Read it here

CNet News on Google
This article deals with the information Google collects and doesnt make public.
Read it here

Norwegian authorities investigate Google on privacy issues
Read it here

Googles Matt Cutts on Google and Privacy
His personal opinion about Google and privacy, not any kind of company position.
Read it here

Here are some links about privacy from past Week in Review posts:

Read about the FBI Wiretap being cut off after the Feds fail to pay telecom spying bills.

Read about the all-seeing, all-face-recognizing, fingerprint-collecting, iris-scanning eye of our government. Then pack your bags and head for the hills!

Read about Democratic presidential candidate Chris Dodd challenging Google to provide leadership in the digital world.

02/01/2008: SSL Gmail Not As Safe As You Thought!
A security researcher has found that even using SSL HTTPS to access your Gmail account — which was touted at the time as a surefire way to protect Gmail users against attack — is vulnerable. Read here >

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