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Getting to Know George, Newfangled Developer

Web developers are the backbone of the web design world but are almost always behind the scenes….coding. For any of us who have or have tried to learn programming languages and how to utilize them, knows how truly amazing web developers are. George Wamichi is one of these and happens to be my deskmate. Lucky Me!!

George has been a Newfangled web developer since Feb 2007 and has worked on 20 website projects for Newfangled thus far. 

What is your favorite thing about being a developer?

George: Web Developers in particular write code that is used by people all over the world as long as they have an internet connection. The web is a work in progress, so I am happy to be part of it.

Mac or PC? Explain.

George: PC. Period.

Favorite Browser and why?

George: Firefox.

  1. It is an open source project.
  2. I rarely have to write css hacks for FF.
  3. It is easy to add different plugins.
  4. It is Ideal for web developers because of the different plugins we
    use to develop sites eg. the web developer toolbar, Measure IT, Color
    Picker, firebug etc.

What is your favorite programming language?

George: I Like php. It is easy to use and it is an open source project.

What is your favorite website and why?

George: Google search / yahoo search. I use the 2 search engines all the time.

What has been your favorite project so far and why?

George: Remington College is one of my favorite projects too. We started with one site and now they have a Remington College online. RC has the ability to add multiple mini-sites that the client uses to market their multiple campuses and programs.

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