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How should E-Newsletter content be delivered?

Campaign Monitor, and many other email delivery services, most
certainly can deliver an entire newsletter as an attachment to an email. This is a
point of strategy, though – should you do it that way? Maybe the answer is
yes, and that can be easily done using third-party systems like it. But consider this…. while giving
the email recipient all the info they need in one nice package sounds
like a good idea, giving them enough of a taste so that they can then
choose which articles to read on your site can be a much more effective

Your site is a more educational forum than any newsletter can be.
Through interlinking related articles on the site via the information
architecture and well-placed call outs, you can direct the email
recipient to all of the great content they are looking for. All
marketing, be it push or pull, should direct the user to very well
positioned pages on the website that serve as the foundation, or
jumping-off point, for a whole host of related info. This will give the
user more, and more accurate information, it will supply you with
excellent data as to which content is most effective, and which users
are the best quality leads, and finally, this approach takes advantage
of your site’s content strategy – which lets you do the work once, and
reap the rewards in innumerable ways for years to come.

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