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Last week Newfangled launched a re-designed site for Dynisco, a provider of high-performance, cost-effective sensors, controls, and analytical instruments for plastics extrusion processing.

The cleaner and more contemporary is based on branding developed by one of our agency partners, Blass Communications. The goal of the new site was to focus Dynisco’s message and reduce the complexity of their old site.

Old and New

A completely new home page features a marquee slide show highlighting four key aspects of the company: cutting-edge products, a global presence, the depth of Dynisco’s 50+ years of experience and their commitment to R&D. A multi-level drop-down navigation system gives Dynisco’s clients efficient access to a wealth of product information.

During the prototyping phase the Dynisco/Blass/Newfangled team reorganized the extensive product section. The architecture is now clear and any product page can be reached with just a few clicks.

A three-column template for the product pages improves readability and puts more content near the top of the page while still allowing for a large product image. Section navigation was also reorganized and condensed to provide better wayfinding.Product Pages

The new database-driven site, combined with Newfangled’s CMS, allows Dynisco to easily update their content and improved SEO will drive more search traffic to their site.

Shortly after the new site went live, we received this comment from the client: “The delivered site has exceeded my expectations, to the point that the old site cannot even be used as a comparator. What you have delivered is a quantum leap for Dynisco.”

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