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Get Some Proper Perspective on Online Video

In preparation for our upcoming newsletter on video, it occurred to me that I should post some
links to a few very important videos by Dr. Michael Wesch.
If you are unfamiliar with him, he is an assistant professor of cultural anthropology at
Kansas State University who was been researching the impact of media on humanity. He is
responsible for the well known video The Machine is Us/ing Us,
which hopefully youve seen. Ive pasted it and some others below. Watch them!

The Machine is Us/ing Us (04:33)

Information R/evolution (05:29)

The last, and probably most important, video you should watch is called
An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube. Embedding has been disabled for this video,
so follow my link to watch it directly on YouTube. It is just under 1 hour, so get comfortable…

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