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Creating CRM Efficiencies for

When it came time for Imprivata to rebuild their site, a top priority was to rearchitect their CRM integration to improve manageability for themselves and user experience for potential leads. Imprivata gathers new leads from their site by placing form registrations in front of premium assets like whitepapers, webinars, etc. With a resource library filled with hundreds of assets, dealing with these registrations forms had become unruly for the client. For potential leads, having to fill out the same contact info every time they wanted to access a resource was a major barrier to browsing the site. It was time to take a step back and reimagine a system that could free up the client to spend more time on content creation than managing its crm integration.

Before the rebuild

Prior to the rebuild, the client generated unique registration forms for every premium asset, then embedded those forms in an open HTML area of the resource details page. Once a user filled out the form, their user record was captured in a lead management system (Silverpop) and either synced with an existing lead ID, or created anew. If a user decided to access multiple premium resources , they repeatedly filled out the same forms with each subsequent resource request.

For Imprivata, the biggest headache was the time required to manage all these separate form instances scattered throughout their site. If  they decided to change a single form field, they had to manually regenerate HTML form code update every form instance. Beyond how time consuming this approach was, it also led to poor data quality since users could supply varyng information from registration to registration.


Our goals in rebuilding this crm integration included streamlining the registration process for the user (and thus generate more leads), improving the integrity of the registration data, and creating a crm integration that was easy and cost effective for the client to maintain. After reviewing our options, Dave Mello, the developer on this project, confirmed that a full API integration with Silverpop would allow us to do all those things.

After a few meetings with Dave, the client, and a representative from the Silverpop team, we had our game plan in place.  All resources would share the same registration form fields, but the lead and campaign ID variables would be passed behind the scenes through a call to the Silverpop API.  All Imprivata would need to do is setup a campaign for the resource, and its plug in that ID into the CMS for that particular asset. Any registration for that resource would assign the lead to the corresponding resource campaign ID via API call.

To alleviate the repeated registrations steps that users were forced through through when accessing multiple resources, they would first be greeted with a simple email input field which would query the Silverpop database to see if that lead’s ID already existed in the system. If recognized, then it would sync that user’s session data with that existing lead and then take the user straight to the resource. If a lead had registered within that same browser session once before, then they’d bypass all forms (even this email check step) and go straight to the resource.



The end product

Prior to the restructuring of their CRM integration, lead session data was disrupted since users were redirected to the Silverpop server temporarily before returning to thank you pages. The behind the scenes API call keeps the users from ever having to leave the site, which makes understanding of a user’s session behavior before and after conversions much easier within Google Analytics.

By restructuring the entire resource center CRM integration, Imprivata has been able to allocate time and resources once spent spend managing upkeep of registration forms on strategic content creation and marketing. It has streamlined not only their interactions with their site CMS, but also their CRM account setup.

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