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Corporate Technologies Site Launch

proud to welcome
to the Newfangled family! Homepage


Technologies came to us for a complete redesign and reorganization of
their website.

Clearly, the most striking difference between the
old and new sites is Justin’s sleek design.  Take a look at a side-by-side comparison of the new site design (on the left) and the old design (on the right): designs
Homepage designs on top, Staffing page designs on bottom (new on the left, old on the right)


 This was the first
Newfangled site to use mood boards in the design creation phase.  As
Steve G said in his blog

Evolution from Mood Boards to Final Design“We
recently began using Mood Boards as a first step in our design
process t o establish a site’s branding, typography, imagery, color
palette and other design elements.  Mood Boards have been
compared to an interior designer’s initial swatch panel showing the
fabrics and colors that will be used to design a room ; a mood board
can set the aesthetic course of a site, but does not represent any
actual architecture like a page design mockup does.” 

Here are the three
mood board choices for CPTech, a detailed look at the mood board they
selected, and the final home page design. You can see the evolution
of the design and how the initial “mood” translates to the finished
product. Here are some of Justin’s
thoughts on the process


In addition to the design, we also made some important architecture and functionality changes.  Here are some of the more notable additions:

  • WidgetsKnowledge Center to browse different offerings, from case studies to webinars
  • Editable rotating slideshow on the homepage – the images and text are fully editable, as are the slideshow speed and the number of times the images will cycle through
  • Customizable widgets with rotating content, to add call-outs to any
    page (see the image on the right)
  • Interactive Corporate Timeline – try it out by clicking on the different years
  • Custom Events Calendar with a list of linkable events and a 3-month view in the sidebar
  • Streamlined site organization and navigation


to Steve G, Sarah, George, and Justin; and Mike, Carol, Lance, and Michael at
Corporate Technologies. This website was truly a team effort, and I know everyone at Newfangled loves the finished product!


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