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The Warm Call

Newfangled has gotten its marketing engine revved back up in a major and unprecedented way.

It used to be that marketing simply meant cold calling. That is still going on, but there is so much more to it now.

Were doing some really interesting online advertising (upcoming post), we have some great public speaking gigs, and were paying a lot more attention to who is already paying attention to us.

We are doing this through viewing our referring links via Google Analytics. One recent example is that we discovered that a great agency (which is just the type with which we like to work), San Franciscos Iron Creative, was linking to us in their blogroll. We had no idea!

I was very happy to find this and decided to email Matt (from Iron Creative) to thank him and ask if we might have a call to get to know each other. We ended up having an excellent discussion and discovered that we probably are a good fit for some of the work they do. 

After the call, I was quite pleased at how that whole process went. I was absolutely thrilled when I saw that, after the call, Matt forwarded our info to a series of other agencies in his network, along with a pretty nice recommendation. Home run!

I did a search for their info on our cold call list, and, sure enough, they were there. If I had simply cold called whichever name was listed as the point of contact by our purchased directory, without using the blogroll link as a point of entry, I highly doubt the call would have gone this well. It is worth mentioning too that we should score 1 for our content strategy, which is what led Iron Creative to our site in the first place.

After this experience, Im sold on the warm call and have been pursuing it since.

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