The Newfangled
team has been pretty busy this week… We just launched another
brand new website:! Homepage

This site, for
CDISC (Clinical Data Interchange
Standards Consortium
, is the first that I’ve seen through
from conception to launch, so I’m personally really excited about it!
Plus, this was such an enjoyable project to work on! From productive
prototyping meetings and gorgeous design to a flawless whitescreen
and thorough content entry– everything went so smoothly.


Old CDISC site with 4 navigationsFor Steve G &
I, our first big hurdle was to consolidate the navigation. The old
CDISC site had four different navigations (see the old homepage image on the right), and they weren’t
consistent between the homepage and the other pages on the site. It
was confusing and difficult to navigate, so we narrowed it down to one main and one global nav.



Shortly after we started, AJ and Frank from CDISC came out to North Carolina for a
couple days, and we had an extremely productive face-to-face
prototyping session. We rarely get to meet our clients in person, so
this was a special treat, and I think it really helped the process.


Next, we handed
things over to Justin, who nailed
the design on the first try. The first mood board (shown below) was a big hit with
the clients, and the rest of the design developed easily from there.

 The chosen mood board for

George started building the whitescreen, and he made some very
complicated functionality look easy!
Here are a few special
features of the site:

  • Members Only section: CDISC members can use their log-ins to access additional content
  • CDISC Standards: This section allows Members to log in and download files straight off the site, while Non-Members must fill out a form to receive an automated, customizable email with the downloads attachedCDISC RSP Chart
  • ODM Certification and Registered Service Providers charts (shown on the right): These charts are fully editable through the CMS; the client can add to the X & Y axes and choose which boxes are checked
  • Education & Events section: The client only has to enter an event into the CMS once, and it will appear on both the main page (with a comprehensive list of all events) and the subpage for that specific event type
  • Our Members list: Use this section to search Member companies by name, membership type, or company type


Then came design application, QA, and
AJ’s valiant content entry efforts.
Mike helped push the site live on Wednesday… And now CDISC has a
beautiful new website that they can be proud of!  Stay tuned as they continue to roll out new content on their blog, newsletter page, and discussion forum.


Here’s one more side-by-side comparison of the old and new sites: the old Standards page on the left, and the new Standards page on the right.

CDISC old and new Standards pages

  • AJ de Montjoie

    I have been constantly impressed with the professionalism of Jillian and Steve. Anyone considering doing anything like this should be thinking about using Newfangled.
    For me, the key highlights were their flexibility, attention to detail and being so darned helpful when they had a panicked client on the other side of the Atlantic. Patience is hard to come by in the modern world but it was exemplified by Jillian and Steve, no matter what I slung at them and at whatever time of day.
    I know that the website will grow and develop and I know that Newfangled will guide me and CDISC along the way.
    This project has been a joy and I can’t thank Newfangled enough …

    Amanda J de Montjoie
    CDISC Director Media and Communications

  • Chris Butler

    Again, great job Jillian, Steve, Justin and George!

  • Frank Newby

    Well done by the entire team – A real pleasure working with the folks from Newfangled – professional, knowledgeable, insightful, with a good balance of reality and imagination. Well done – indeed!

    Frank Newby

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