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Innovation… a response to the economy?

I like Innovation. Ever since I was a kid, I have thought about silly
little things that solve my just as silly little problems. One little
problem less meant more time to address x% of a bigger problem or just
more time to have fun. As a child, I went to Chinese school. I had to
write Chinese characters on a piece of paper with 100 squares. I
actually timed myself doing it once. The word water, took me around
twenty minutes to complete if I worked through it character by
character. I came to a realization that – writing each character in its
own respective slot took more time than doing each stroke step-by-step
through each box. Not only was my homework cleaner, but it took MUCH
less time ( around 3-5 minutes less actually, per word! ).

Is it the most innovative thing you’ve ever heard of? Probably not. Do
I consider it innovative? Yes. Nobody told me to change my method. I
just went ahead and did it. Adapting the norm to improve yourself is an
underlying theme to innovation. After all, finishing this homework
quicker, meant I could play outside while light was still shining
outside my house. Great! How does that apply to you?

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