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Buckminster Fuller: Doing More with Less

Ill be traveling in the next couple of weeks, and am planning to attend Buckminster Fuller: Starting with the Universe at the Whitney Museum of American Art while in New York. I cant wait.

I first learned about Bucky as a child from a great book that my Step-Father owned called Inventions: The Patented Works of R. Buckminster Fuller, which is apparently now out of print. At the time, Im sure I didnt get what he was all about, but I was fascinated by the architecture.

Later, while in college, I re-connected with Bucky along with my wife, Carolyn, who began reading Buckminster Fullers Universe: His Life and Work, a fantastic biography which is currently on loan to the Mark OBrien Library.

If youre not familiar with him, read one of these books, go to the exhibit, or just find him online. His unique way of thinking and incredible contributions to the 20th century and beyond will inspire you!

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