Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.

Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.

How To Prepare Photoshop Files for Production

at 9:00 am

A few years ago I wrote a series of posts entitled "Design Guidelines for Agencies" in which I covered topics such as how to calibrate your equipment for web design and preparing design files. I've updated the fourth installment of that series which deals with how to prepare Photoshop files for website production. In this short video I'll cover the following:

  • Creating Photoshop template files
  • Building a website style sheet
  • Cleaning up your working design files
  • Optimizing Photoshop files for production


E Lundquist | August 5, 2012 1:21 PM
For some strange reason that no one at Adobe could explain, Fireworks never worked (would never even launch!) on my MacBook Pro. I've seen forum discussions that include complicated workarounds for the same problem (at least I'm not alone), but one comment stands out: these workarounds are something like buying a car, and being told that in order to start it, one must go around to the back, open the trunk, go back and turn the key, and then close your trunk before driving away. Do-able, but, who wants to? As a long-time Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign user, I'm not convinced that I am less efficient just using Photoshop... at this point, anyway.
Justin | April 17, 2011 2:57 PM

Thanks for your input. I'm not that familiar with Fireworks but I'm sure it's a robust app. The reason we use Photoshop is not only for its features but also for its wide acceptance among the agencies we work with.

I remember many years ago when Aldus PageMaker (remember them?) was the reigning champ of desktop publishing until QuarkXpress came along. For many years I thought PageMaker was the superior app, but Quark eventually took over as the industry standard. Of course now I'm a InDesign devotee.
Sylvain Lemire | April 16, 2011 2:13 PM
I'm wondering why designers don't use Fireworks for website design. I use it and cannot see the advantage of Photoshop over it. Maybe some effects are more advanced in PS, but overall, the ability to have master pages, multiple pages, states and all the other features especially made for web design make FW an ideal tool.

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