Miranda Bartreau-Murray

Director of Marketing Technology

As Newfangled’s Director of Marketing Technology, I lead a team of strategists that guide our clients through the implementation, integration, and ongoing use of the Newfangled Marketing Tech Stack. The overall goal of our technological efforts is to provide our clients with the systems they need to launch a fundamental marketing strategy, as well as deliver the data insights and analytics necessary to evolve and succeed in the ever-changing world of Digital Marketing.  Newfangled continually shepherds clients through this process and assists in exceeding their marketing goals, it’s a powerful force to be a part of.

Prior to joining Newfangled, I spent time in Sales, as a CRM Admin, Operations Analyst, and bartender- among other things.

I lived in California, Arizona, and Florida as a young child but have spent most of my life in Chapel Hill since arriving at age 7.  On the weekends I enjoy being with my daughter, Peloton-ing, playing backgammon, drinking wine, and escaping to the mountains every chance I have.

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