Mike Fagan

Paid Media Strategist

One of the more famous advertising quotes  was supposedly said by 19th century Philadelphia retailer, John Wanamaker, who declared, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”  If Wanamaker was around today, he could finally know which half was wasted. What a time to be alive!

Whether it is paid social, search, or the next big digital channel,  I maximize my clients’ advertising budget to deliver the highest quality leads at the lowest cost using unique audience segmentation and hyper-targeted messaging. Plus, with Newfangled’s advanced tracking, reporting and attribution, I can measure the effectiveness of every ad dollar spent. 

After graduating from Millersville University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. in Speech Communications and a concentration in public relations, I spent the last 15 years working in advertising and digital marketing. Agency life has allowed me to work with many clients of all sizes across many different industries over the years. Or, as my buddy says during trivia night at the local pub, “how does one person know so much useless information?” Sure, knowing the  finer nuances of  ammonia refrigeration may appear useless to my buddy, but it is invaluable to my client looking to maximize their return on ad spend.

Currently calling South Lake Tahoe my home, I enjoy snowboarding, hiking, cooking, and playing golf in my free time.  On Sundays, I can be found shrugging my head as I watch my Philadelphia Eagles attempt football, just like Wanamaker did.