Mary Beth Guttman

Content Marketing Strategist and Web Copywriter

There’s a reason you text your friend who knows everything about bicycles when you need help fixing your derailleur, even if it’s something you could research yourself. It’s because you value their expertise, which goes beyond pat answers. Your own deep expertise is what your prospects are after, and it’s something we know how to leverage for your business at Newfangled.

As a content marketing strategist, my priority is taking the expert knowledge in your organization and leveraging it through valuable campaigns that reach your right-fit prospects at the right time. In addition, I work one-on-one with our clients to write web copy that takes prospects on a meticulously planned journey throughout your site.

I held both writing and strategy roles here at Newfangled before finding a way to combine both professional strengths and interests. Before that, I was a jack of all trades in the world of marketing. Events, social media, web dev — you name it, I’ve probably done it. This means I’ll tackle your website copy and content strategy with a well-rounded perspective.

I currently live in Richmond, VA, though I got here by way of New Jersey. When I’m not poring over your campaign plans or optimizing your website pages, you can usually find me curled up with my cat, a cup of coffee, and the crossword puzzle. I also love horseback riding and never pass up the opportunity to hang out with a herd of farm animals.

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