Mark Bochkis

Content Marketing Writer

The best athletes are ambassadors for their sports. The really great ones make it look fun, simple, and easy. Legendary athletes and outstanding marketing content have that in common.

Great content across your marketing channels draws in your target audiences and makes your products and services look fresh, fun, and essential to your customers’ needs. Your marketing content is your brand’s ambassador.

Honing in on those magic words that foster and strengthen the connections between you and your key audiences is where I come in. My 20 years in marketing, communications, and public relations have taught me how to harness the power of language to help you position your brand in unique, compelling, and memorable ways. That’s my goal and promise as a Content Marketing Writer at Newfangled.

But I’m not the story. You are. So I’m here to listen, learn what makes your brand awesome, and then leverage those attributes to make the greatest positive impact on your bottom line.

Prior to joining Newfangled, I honed my craft as an in-house agency copywriter and freelance content strategist, helping clients in healthcare, higher education, IT, real estate, and nonprofit sectors connect with and build their digital communities. My multifaceted professional background includes stints in a Washington, DC, PR firm; a boutique communications agency; political campaign operations; media monitoring and research; and nonprofit fundraising and development. I’ve done a little bit of everything…and a lot of writing.

When I’m not searching for perfect words to put on a page, I’m striving to be the best father to my two little girls, an attentive husband to my wife, and a proficient belly rubber for our 12-year-old Pitbull, Konrad (work in progress on all fronts). With time that isn’t otherwise accounted for, I enjoy reading about sports, politics and current events; helping out my community; following North Carolina’s pro sports teams and Maryland football and basketball (Go Terps!); and draining threes during my weekly pickup basketball games.