Kiril Spasov

UX Designer

My focus as a UX/UI Designer is to create aesthetically pleasing, intuitive, and easy-to-use web interfaces. I leverage my knowledge of design and user behavior to create engaging interfaces that encourage specific actions.

At Newfangled, I’m a Prospect Experience Design (PX) practitioner. PX is all about guiding prospects towards a single optimal action and ensuring that their path to engagement is clear, efficient and easy. By utilizing established PX principles, I am able to create a seamless and engaging user experience that elevates only the best-fit opportunities for our clients to pursue. I am always working to improve the effectiveness of my clients’ websites and ultimately drive growth and revenue for their businesses.

Apart from design, I am passionate about powerlifting, vegan cooking, video games, 3D modeling, and art. These hobbies keep me motivated and help me stay focused on my personal and professional goals.