John McGuiggan

Content Marketing Writer

There is a lot of truth to the old adage that “everybody writes.” What that phrase fails to mention is that not everybody writes effectively. The Internet is a crowded space, and attention spans, well—they’re not quite what they used to be. Carving out your space in the digital marketing field requires content that grabs your readers and actually holds onto them. If you’re not engaging and convincing readers, you’re not converting them.

My mission as your Content Marketing Writer is to represent your brand, your ideas, and your innovations in a way that makes them impossible to overlook. That’s what differentiates words on a page from effective marketing content. I will work directly with you to make sure that what makes you unique is front and center in your readers’ minds. Getting those readers excited about your content is your ticket to rising above the noise.

For me, writing has never been just a hobby. It’s my way of life. From scribbling my first stories in crayon to earning my BA and MA in English, writing has always been a cornerstone of what defines me. I’ve worked as a one-on-one writing tutor, a freelance legal writer, an independent press editor, and, for nearly a decade now, as a digital content marketing professional. When I’m not reading or writing, you’re most likely to find me in the woods of Vermont with my wife, daughter, son, and dog in tow. 

(There is also a good chance that I’ll be reading or writing in those woods.)