Jean Scott

Content Marketing Writer

Everything you really need to know about digital marketing you can learn from online dating.

Share your look truthfully (people recognize filters, after all); represent your interests specifically and accurately (everyone loves a romantic walk on the beach, so why not admit you love a daily nap on the couch?); and aim to engage only with those who appreciate your essence (would you rather have fifty messages that lead nowhere or just one that leads somewhere?).

In other words, your brand needs to be honest, accurate, and selective to thrive in the digital marketing space. Honesty requires you drop any ideas of who you should be and be who you really are. Accuracy insists you own and lead with your industry expertise. Selectivity obliges you to identify and pursue only those relationships that will be mutually beneficial.

My purpose as a Content Marketing Writer is to enable you to attract and grow the right professional relationships. By adopting a mindset of careful, intelligent listening, I can help you articulate your unique vision in the digital marketing world. Our work together will capture, educate, and engage your intended audience and free you up to do what you do best.

My love of the written word started in my bookworm-ish youth and bloomed in college as I began fervently writing poetry. I have both a BA and a MA in English, and I’ve taught a variety of English classes at the university level for many years. I’ve also been a copywriter, blogger, and essay writer. When I’m not reading or writing, I’m practicing yoga, making collage art, or watching international tv shows and films.