George Lyons

Email Marketing Strategist

As one of Newfangled’s Email Marketing Strategists, I develop digitally-focused strategies that emphasize the power and potential of email to nurture prospects and drive sales opportunities. With more than 5 years of professional experience in content strategy and email marketing, I help you and the rest of your Newfangled team hone in on an integrated digital marketing plan to support your firm’s objectives. 

Whether you’re sending your first marketing email or looking for ways to optimize and refine your existing campaigns, I’ll use a data-first approach and uncover fresh insights to optimize your outbound and broader campaign efforts. 

Before working with Newfangled, I’ve taken on just about every role in marketing you can imagine in a variety of contexts, including in-house brands, agencies, external creative houses and my own freelance business. With my broad experience, I’ve found email marketing to be the perfect bridge between my professional interests and my personal propensity for creative nerdiness. 

Tennessee is home for me these days, but I came here via London, England. When I’m not focused on all-things email, you can find me noodling with guitars, listening to old blues music, and wrestling with my mini-but-mighty pug, Beef. I’m also a total typography nerd and make typefaces in my spare time, too.