Chelsi Linderman

Content Marketing Writer

Anthropologists tell us that storytelling is central to human existence. We think in stories, remember in stories, and communicate in stories. We are hardwired to navigate our lives through narrative.

You have a mission, a vision, a way you improve your customer’s lives and accelerate their success. In other words, you have a story. And behind every marketing lead that flows into your CRM is a human interested in hearing how your story — your solutions and your services — advantageously intersects with their own.

As a Marketing Content Writer, my highest priority is to capture your story in your voice through Newfangled’s unique content development model. It’s a process that is as comprehensive as it is meticulous; one that will bring undeniable impact and value to the campaigns and strategies your business values most. Your content mission is bigger than simply pleasing bots and search algorithms. By harnessing your story, search algorithms lose center stage and become a channel that connects you directly with the people and businesses you hope to impact.

I come to Newfangled with nearly two decades of writing and digital marketing experience and hold a master’s degree in creative writing and literature from Utah State University. I’ve written across a multitude of industries, covering everything from tech to agriculture, healthcare to hospitality, education to industrial manufacturing. Just as method acting allows actors to fully embody other characters and lives, I consider myself a method writer. I love deep-diving into my clients’ worlds, understanding what they do and why, where they came from and where they are going, and what drives their markets and their bottom lines.

I call Utah home, though at heart I am a wanderer and a self-described roadtrip junkie. I share life and adventure with my husband, our six children, and a menagerie of creatures. When I’m not writing, I’m hiking or roller-skating. I keep a current spreadsheet ranking the nacho platters at local restaurants, and I am forever redesigning my backyard and trying not to kill my houseplants. In graduate school I once wrote a twenty-three page essay analyzing fourteen words in a Willa Cather novel…I am that nerdy.