Anna Laman

Content Marketing Coach

Creating content is a powerful thing. It puts your stake in the ground, shows your commitment to an idea, educates, persuades, and builds trust.

But that’s also why it’s so darn difficult to get right. It can be scary to commit, to stand out, to stand for something big. It’s challenging to find the balance between what you want to express and what your prospect needs to hear.

My passion is helping firms communicate their expertise in a clear, compelling way so they can attract more of the right clients.

Prior to joining Newfangled, I was a messaging coach for entrepreneurs. I developed my own proprietary process for helping small business owners with their positioning and messaging, and coached them through the writing of their own website copy and other content. I love being an editor, sounding board, and brainstorming partner.

My 20 year career has also included stints as a freelance writer, grant writer, and marketing coordinator. Originally from Washington state, I earned an English degree from Oberlin College, then spent a decade in New York City before moving to Asheville, NC, where I now live with my husband and daughter.

Outside of work, I enjoy gardening, crafting, business books, hot tea, and a crisp glass of Vihno Verde.

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