We help independent marketing agencies derive maximum value from the digital marketing channel.

Generating More and Better Leads For Your Firm

We are digital lead development experts. For the past nineteen years, we have been helping independent marketing agencies create websites that have a significant and demonstrable effect on their bottom line.

The science and strategy of using a website to generate business for an agency has evolved more than most agencies realize, particularly since 2012. We have the benefit of working very closely with agencies from all over the world. As a result, we have been able to observe which technologies and techniques create the most business for agencies, and we now understand the metrics, assets, and strategies that are necessary to create a business-generating website.

Since we so deeply understand the specific factors that contribute to a website’s ability to generate business, we also know what types of agencies we cannot help. If you would like to investigate whether we can help you create a site that directly creates business for your firm, we’d be happy to have a focused conversation with you.

Converting Leads Into New Business

We are regularly involved in new business meetings with agencies and their prospects, and during those meetings we — Newfangled and the agency — routinely demonstrate marketing techniques and technology that the prospect did not realize were possible, thereby redefining their idea of what it is they thought they were purchasing. This experience leaves prospects with the correct notion that the agency is absolutely at the forefront of digital marketing trends.

When you partner with us, your clients remain your clients. Newfangled is the highly trained, up to speed, digital branch of your agency that you use only when you need to. We give you a razor-sharp digital edge without the overhead.

Creating Extraordinary Web Platforms for Your Clients

As an agency, your marketing proficiency extends across many channels. At Newfangled, we focus solely on ensuring that you get the most out of the digital channel. We are deep experts in this space and have over twenty staff dedicated to helping our agency partners maximize it.

Since our focus is so sharp, we are able to constantly stay at the leading edge of marketing technology. When agencies partner with us on a client project or proposal, it is as if our entire staff and the cumulative expertise they bring is working for that agency.

Getting the Most Out of Your Digital Staff and Processes

Most of our agency partners have web developers and designers on staff. Often, it’s difficult for the agency to ensure that their digital staff is up to speed on the latest trends and techniques.

Newfangled has the benefit of working solely on digital projects in partnership with agencies for clients in most major industry sectors. Because of our focus and constant exposure to the latest trends, we are able to stay on top of the most effective design and development strategies.

Many of our clients hire us to consult their internal departments on best practices regarding the staffing, planning, and execution of their digital projects. We’d be happy to have a conversation with you to see if we might be able to help ensure that your digital department is well trained and running as efficiently possible.