Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.

Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.


January 23, 2014  by Justin
Last summer I gave myself a personal challenge: become a better designer. I didn't sign up for any design courses or read books on typography or color theory. I didn't attend any design conferences or subscribe to a trade magazine. Instead, I applied an old elementary-school lesson for when you approach a set of train tracks: Stop. Look. Listen.   more

January 21, 2014  by Dave
By standardizing the way that we individually use Git to manage our own work, a system develops which not only is easy to follow across different teams, but also starts to add value to our process in unexpected ways.    more

January 16, 2014  by Christopher
Usability testing is the most important thing you can do to… well, really, I think the sentence can end right there. If you are a designer, usability testing puts you in direct contact with users and the information you need to make the right thing the right way...   more

January 14, 2014  by Page
Planning is a central part of any Newfangled project, and good planning starts with a lot of questions. In order for us to build a strong web platform that really represents the unique nature and value of our clients, we need to first understand who they and their prospects really are.     more

January 6, 2014  by Tema
I have a confession to make: I almost always skip over articles that claim to offer the latest advice on improving SEO. It’s not that I don’t believe in the importance of SEO best practices, it’s just that advice around this topic so often feels — forgive me, all you noble SEO professionals — borderline gimmicky. And, given the secrecy around Google’s (and other search engines’) algorithms, even the most reliable SEO guidelines can tend to be a bit fuzzy. But there is still plenty to think about when it comes to search and the shifting platforms in which folks find and access content. With that in mind, I thought now would be a good time to review some best practices in the context of projected SEO-related developments for 2014.   more

December 20, 2013  by Justin
A quick review of my browser bookmarks reveals a crowded menagerie that rivals anything you'll see on the show Hoarders. I can't help it. Any time I come across a new tool or resource that I think will (however remotely) help me be more efficient or creative, I add it to my ever-growing stash. In the spirit of the season, I am sharing some of my favorites that I've discovered this past year.   more

December 17, 2013  by Christopher
Wow, 2013 is just days away from done. Hard to believe. For us, it's been as exciting and action-packed a year as you could imagine. We welcomed new friends to our team, launched some really great new sites, moved into new offices, and are getting ready to welcome a little one into the world (any day now)! Of course, we also shared some good content with you. Below are some of our favorite things that hit the web in 2013...   more

December 16, 2013  by Mark
CRM is one of the 3 components of the Lead Development Ecosystem, and Salesforce is the most widely adopted CRM by a longshot. The trouble is, most of the agencies and agency clients we work with haven't used Salesforce before, and those who have used it have typically underutilized it. We've come up with a solution in the form of a new consulting service.   more

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