Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.

Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.


July 6, 2010  by Christopher
Information is only as good as it is interpretable. I think this is pretty much a common-sense notion, but it is made that much more clear through the story told by ancient artifacts. While browsing the British Museum during a recent visit to London, I was first awestruck by the artifacts themselves. The carvings in stone were of such high fidelity, it looked almost as if some had been laser-etched rather than carved with tools. The ancient civilizations of Egypt, Sumer, Babylon and others had likely mastered the craft--in a way that we are not likely to match today--because of the high value they placed on long-term thinking and communication...   more

June 24, 2010 
Have you ever been to a conference where various businesses purchase booth space to promote their respective businesses?  On or around the booth you will notice several things : -company logo front and center -company product (if applicable) -company paraphernalia (keychains, mugs, lanyards, etc.) -a happy employee who is eager to greet you This post will discuss how we can leverage Google Analytics and the Newfangled tracking system to help show that the marketing dollars spent on the paraphernalia was well-spent.Once you know how to track the above, you can learn how to track your tweets, links in blog comments and just about anything you can think of that brings traffic into your website.   more

June 22, 2010  by Justin
Highland Capital Partners is one of Newfangled's oldest clients. We started working with them in 2002 and completely redesigned their site in 2004. The current site design has changed little from its original form. It's not a flashy-looking site, adorned with the latest visual trends, but it's served HCP well for the past six years because of the following reasons:   more

June 21, 2010  by Chris
In my continued highlight of Harry Beckwith's Selling the invisible, I will focus on two aspects of marketing that apply perfectly to anyone in a technology or service industry.   more

June 21, 2010  by Chris
Training at Newfangled involves some required reading, so during my first week Chris handed me some books, one of which was Harry Beckwith's Selling the Invisible. I have to admit, I was fairly skeptical. The book was published in March, 1997—over 13 years ago. At that time, I had just celebrated my 9th birthday, and the internet was even younger. How could this book possibly relate to my work as an assistant project manager for a cutting-edge web development company in 2010?   more

June 16, 2010  by Lauren
I like to think of myself as above average. I graduated magna cum laude from college, was always on the honor roll in high school, and even received the Presidential Physical Fitness Award several consecutive years in grade school   more

June 15, 2010  by Mark
I had as hard a time falling asleep last night as I did on June 14, 2000, which was the night before my first day at Newfangled. I'm not sure why I couldn't fall asleep last night, I even went to bed early in preparation for my big day. Today wasn't any different from any other day, though: I had a few meetings, followed up on some leads, made a bunch of new business calls, and had some great conversations with various Newfangleders. Nevertheless, the significance of this day has been unavoidable to me.    more

June 9, 2010  by Dave
When we recently rolled out our Mobile Suite offering, we saw the culmination of months of work building a solid and customizable set of tools. The trickiest, in some ways, was the addition of a mobile framework to our existing CMS. We had some clear goals and requirements defined from the onset, and the end result provides us with an elegant mix of new and existing development practices. Here's an overview of what we did...   more

June 9, 2010 
It's been a very busy month since the launch of our new mobile suite. We've been having lots of conversations with clients about it, and now after a dozen or so web meetings under our belt, we've got a good sense of the FAQs our clients will have. Here's an overview of all these questions for anyone else out there curious about our mobile suite.   more

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