Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.

Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.


February 9, 2011  by Justin
Once a month at Newfangled, we have a Lunch & Learn session in which a member of the team shares a presentation (amidst pizza and soda) on a topic that interests them and relates to their role at the company. "10 Years | 10 Things," explains some of the things I've learned since working as a web designer.   more

January 31, 2011 
Despite working on many projects involving complex CRM integrations over the past few years, I've had a tough time understanding the big picture of how these systems work and how their services differ from one another. In late 2010, I made a goal to finally tackle this subject and get a better understanding of the CRM and Lead Marketing Automation landscape. I shared what I learned with the Newfangled team in a recent Lunch & Learn session, but also wanted to share it here for those of you who are similarly bewildered by the web lead management field.   more

January 7, 2011  by Justin
A year ago, I wrote a post expressing my wish that 2010 would be the year of better web fonts and, as the year progressed, I got my wish. As we enter 2011, I believe it's time to say goodbye to sIFR font replacement and say hello to @font-face font embedding.   more

January 6, 2011  by Christopher
Consider this: As far as Google is concerned, you are probably not the authority on you That is, unless you have a truly unique name or you are extremely prolific and your name is just all over the web. Remember, Google will look for a query and the sources online that have the most to say about the words or phrases in that query. If I kept a blog about Barack Obama for five years before his campaign, I might make it pretty hard for him to be the top Google result for searches for his name. See what I mean? So what to do...   more

January 5, 2011  by Christopher
In this month's newsletter on how SEO works, I mentioned an article published in the New York Times last year about a particular online retailer that had discovered a way to turn negative online reviews into an increased PageRank   more

January 4, 2011  by Mark
Each year, Newfangled closes for the last week of December. This time off allows all of us to step away and focus on the non-transactional things in life for a little while before we gear up to do it all again the following year. I've come to really value this time--it always seems to replenish my energy and give me a new perspective on who Newfangled is and where we ought to be going. Last week was no different, but this year I noticed there was a clear theme to my thoughts. I kept coming back to the company Newfangled has become, what I've personally learned over the years, and from whom I have learned. I'm so fortunate to work with the wonderfully talented employees and clients that I do. It's a rare thing to be able to truly enjoy the people with and for whom you work, as I do. Over the past week, though, I've realized that there are three people in particular whose voices are always in my head, tweaking my thought processes, and steadying my direction. I thought it would make sense to start this year off by specifically naming them and thanking them...   more

January 3, 2011 
It's been a busy six months since we launched our mobile suite back in the spring of 2010, and we've been fortunate to build mobile sites for a number of our long time clients, and in the meantime, add some great pieces to our portfolio! Here are some examples of our latest mobile site launches...   more

December 22, 2010 
To improve SEO, I often advise clients to come up with a manageable list of appropriate search phrases to implement, and to look a few places to help spur ideas. The first step is to be aware of the non-branded search phrases that are already working for a site. Here is the simple way to quickly focus on these keywords.   more

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