Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.

Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.


June 30, 2011  by Lauren
In a recent team meeting, Chris introduced The Two Things concept and asked us to apply it to each of our core disciplines. I was hesitant at first, but soon bought into the idea that at the very least, distilling your knowledge and beliefs about any subject into two statements forces you to really focus on what's important. So here's my contribution to the series of "two things" posts inspired by our discussion with a focus on SEO.   more

June 28, 2011  by Christopher
I was pleased when I got an email from Lauren Carlson, a CRM Analyst who has just done some market research on what software buyers want from vendor websites. She and her team surveyed over 400 recent buyers asking them questions about what kinds of website content is most helpful to them in the purchasing process. You can sift through the results of the survey in Lauren's insightful article, What Software Buyers Want from a Vendor's Website...   more

June 23, 2011 
During prototyping some of the crucial decisions involve planning which site content is freely available and which is considered premium content, requiring some kind of lead form submission. Some content may be further restricted, requiring a user account for access, necessitating decisions about the administration of such accounts. This post is meant to serve as a resource outlining the basic scenarios that we most often encounter when prototyping sites.   more

June 22, 2011  by Mark
Monday, June 6th was a great day at Newfangled. Litecontrol, one of our best and longest-tenured clients, went live with the new website we built for them. And if it weren't for our content strategy, we very well might not have gotten the job.   more

June 21, 2011  by Chris
As a part of our "two things" exercise, our client services team had to come up with the two things about all aspects of our work.  "In this post, I want to examine the two things that we decided were the essence of "content."   more

June 17, 2011  by Justin
It's not often that we get to redesign a site for a client that has been with us for 10 years. This month sees the launch of a totally new The last time we redesigned Litecontol's site was in 2006 (with a home page facelift in 2008). This time, the site was built from the ground up; completely restructured with a new architecture and design that takes advantage of some of the best capabilities of modern browsers.   more

June 15, 2011 
The natural state of a web project manager is one in conflict with itself: to enjoy your job, you must thrive on the approval and happiness of your clients but to do your job well, you inevitably have to tell clients no...and quite often. Even with years of experience, knowing how and when to deliver bad news is the hardest part of my job. While it may never become easy, I have learned a few lessons on how to do it well along the way.   more

June 14, 2011  by Mark
At Newfangled, we talk a lot about content. We talk about why it's important, how to create it, optimize it, distribute it, share it, and generally how to milk it for all it's worth. What we don't talk about much is what it actually can get you, in dollars and cents, and I'd like to open up that topic here...   more

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