Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.

Newfangled works with independent agencies to create lead development web platforms for their clients.


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March 1, 2010 
Newsletters are a key content tool, and the style and placement of the signup callout requires some strategy to encourage subscriptions. In this blog I will look at these callouts from a few of our sites, to suggest possibilities and encourage short, visible, and strategically placed newsletter signups.   more

February 15, 2010 
One of our most interesting clients is the Vietnam Dog Handler Association, a group that seeks to re-unite veteran war dog handlers and memorialize military dogs.   more

November 17, 2009 
Informal prototype usability testing meetings with the other Newfangled project managers have proven so valuable that I now consider them necessary to every new project. In even a fifteen minute review, two new sets of eyes clicking through a prototype can pinpoint usability issues that the project team might miss. It is surprisingly easy for simple efficiencies to be invisible, and since there is not usually time to leave a project and return with an objective eye, usability review sessions are an efficient way to get fresh ideas.   more

October 23, 2009 
Here is an example of a homepage redesign making a big imact. This upgrade was initiated as a way for the client to focus attention on four specific areas of the business, but there was also opportunity for streamlining the homepage's featured content.   more

October 2, 2009 
This post is meant to primarily be a resource for our agencies and clients, to clarify our server setup and all that going live with Newfangled requires, but since taking sites live involves the often confusing world of DNS, I hope that my attempt to simplify our process might help anybody...   more

June 30, 2009 
At Newfangled we recently began using Mood Boards as a first step in the design process to establish the branding, design components, typography, imagery, and color palettes that will be incorporated in a site's design. Mood Boards have proven very effective, but I have found that it is essential to clarify the distinction between these boards and the designs that will follow once a mood board has been approved.   more

June 12, 2008 
Here's a bit of my background for context: My gut instinct has always been against computers. As a kid I enjoyed Asteroids, Galaga and trading Atari game cartridges in my neighborhood (yes this dates me), but when some of my friends got into Comm...   more

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